Today’s Decisions will Affect Tomorrow’s Future

What you make of your life and the decisions you make will determine your future.

  • Think about your choices and your decisions before you act on them, and your path will be much brighter.
  • Your decision today will affect your future and being successful.

Positive Thoughts Bring Positive Actions

Positive change makes the outcome of the situation change.

  • When you think positive, you’re not only getting positive action, but you’re also changing the way you, think.
  • Get out of the negative energy and change the way you think, so you can reap positive actions.
  • Your future is based on your actions and what you put into it, change your actions and overcome traumas in your life.

Giving Up! Isn’t The Answer To Your Problems

The answers you seek, is not to Give Up!

  • Keep pushing forward with positive thoughts and remove negative thoughts.
  • Your answers are within you by connecting to higher self, learn to trust yourself and love yourself.

About The Author

I’m a mother of four and grandmother to eight grandchildren, I’m from Southeast Arkansas and I studied at South University College out of Savanna, GA where I received my BS Degree in Business Administration Management. I’m a full-time employee of Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Home for the neglected and abused kids.

I was raised in the country growing up as a kid and did not graduate from high school, but later in life I realized how important it was to have an education. I decided to go back in get my G.E.D. and decided to go to college, then I became a writer something always dreamed of doing, but never shared it with anyone.

About the Book

This book is about a woman who went through trials and tribulations alone realizing all the time God was carrying her through everything. Even when she felt like giving up God reminded her of what her mother said that this battle was his and he would take care of her.

This book shows how to overcome trials and tribulations, still being able to reach your goals in life. Learning how to never give up on life and what you set out to do in life. Life is short and giving up on something that will help you succeed in life is not the answer. Learning who you are as a person and knowing your strengths will help you move forward in life. Always look ahead and keep your chin up because there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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